Reader Voted Favorite Posts Of 2010

Posted 17 Jan 2011

I would like to thank everyone for using the survey letting me know what your favorite posts of 2010 were along with suggestions about how to improve RunToGold. While I expected some posts to do well I was completely surprised with the results in general. As we move into 2011 this feedback will be extremely helpful when crafting additional musings for your assistance and enjoyment.


How To Attack The Fiat Currency Fractional Reserve Banking Conspiracy - The fiat currency and fractional reserve banking conspiracy has tremendously lowered humanity’s standard of living.

But there is a peaceful counterattack. This did not really surprise me as when I was researching and writing it I knew it was going to be really good.


Learn How To Use A Numeraire - Learn how to use a numeraire for your personal financial statements. I was surprised this received so many votes and comments in the suggestions because it was the first post in 2010.

The concept is extremely useful and practical. Based on its popularity, along with the related interview with Anthem Blanchard, I am moving ahead with a large project which will cost a few thousand dollars. It will make applying this concept much easier and less time consuming. Look forward to this advancement as it will be extremely helpful and completely altar your investment perspective.


Surprisingly it appears the interviews I conducted were extremely popular. In order of votes:

David MorganSilver Manipulation - An exclusive interview with David Morgan of about the silver manipulation, differences of paper silver and what we are thankful for.

Thomas DiLorenzo - Abraham Lincoln Facts - America's Reverenced & Bloodstained Sociopath - Like victims with Stockholm Syndrome the most culpable genociders, like Abraham Lincoln, become the most reverenced sociopaths in revisionist history.

Anthem BlanchardGold As The Truest Measure Of Value - Anthem Blanchard, son of James U. Blanchard, speaks of gold as the truest measure of value. Comparatively, prices of national currency become irrelevant.

Aaron Krowne - How The Securitization Of Mortgages Impacts The Average Citizen - Interview with Aaron Krowne discussing how the securitization of mortgages impacts the average citizen and the current state of the real estate market.


Fake Tungsten Gold Found - Gold bars with tungsten have been found so for those seeking to preserve capital may consider using alternatives like silver and platinum.

California IOUs - One Step Closer To The Brink And About To Break - California IOUs under AB 1506 must be accepted by state agencies for taxes and fees. This minor development poses a threat to the world reserve currency.

Is Goldman Sachs Thinking Of Buying Silver - Someone at Goldman Sachs searched Google for buying silver. What is their intention?

HR 4248 Free Competition In Currency Act Of 2009 - Dr. Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 4248 the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009 and for these reasons I support it.


There were some great suggestions submitted such as having call-in questions for the podcast, travel tips, tax, asset or estate planning and the most popular of more interviews.


Thank you for completing the survey. As we move into 2011 I will likely be conducting more interviews since that is what so many people liked. 2010 was a rather dull year compared to 2009 but I expect 2011 to be more exciting than 2010.

I am encouraged so many people were willing to buy a product if one was offered they needed.

I do not even have any potential products in the pipeline and intend for the numeraire project to be a free resource. Because RunToGold is a hobby and because costs can spiral out of control like with this numeraire project therefore I require RunToGold to be self-sufficient. So far that is possible mainly through sales of The Great Credit Contraction or donations.

On another note and because there were several requests for what products I do offer I would like to let everyone know about the other site I operate called HowToVanish and we do have several products which are extremely helpful and practical like the Tax Domicile or Bank Privacy reports. Given the probability that states and municipalities will have budget and debt issues it appears that having tax flexibility will be increasingly important.

My outlook for 2011 is largely a wait and see. By analogy the football has been kicked but is still in the air. We need to wait and see whether someone catches it or if it bounces and where, etc. There are a lot of known unknowns.

Hopefully your personal and financial castle has been constructed on rock and now is the time to upkeep and refine. Because of the interference and noise emanating from policies like quantitative easing the pricing signals are going to be increasingly hard to correctly interpret. So be sure to keep coming around to get a unique perspective of monetary science applied to current events. Thanks for your help and I hope you make 2011 a great year!

If you have any relavant comments please leave them. Thanks!