Posted 20 Apr 2008

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To best benefit from the free updates of monetary science applied to current events I recommend becoming acquainted with the intellectual foundation I use for my analysis.

Two easy ways are to read through (1) the recommended free articles and (2) The Great Credit Contraction.  The recommended free articles are links to various articles I have written that I think will help you, the new reader, but there is no particular organization.

The Great Credit Contraction is an 88 page book which clearly, concisely and logically teaches and lays a strong foundation for the reader in monetary science and basic economic law.  It explains the current environment and how to protect, preserve and grow capital.  You will most likely get more out of your reading

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Trace Mayer


"Yes, clear! Thanks, my whole perception has again shifted.  Finished the book yesterday.  I studied a little economics at school and Uni and hated it.  Your work is brilliant and makes sense." - reader in Australia


Just wanted to thank you for writing "The Great Credit Contraction". It was well worth every FRN$ spent!! I have read it over several times now and it has improved my understanding 1000%! Needless to say, once you start reading the book, it is difficult to put it down. Excellent book!!! Best Regards, William

Hi!! thanks for the quick response!! I got the book safely tucked away in a file,and enjoy reading it. I am 69 years young and I was teacher in a college for 10 years and I know it is a challenging job to convey ideas and concepts which to the author are fairly straight forward but to the audience are sometimes difficult to assess.

You have done an excellent job in presenting the economic chaos in which we find ourselves in today in a clear concise and orderly manner. there is a lot of material there and I think for me, it will take a lot of repetitive reading before it all will sink in.Thanks again for your speedy assistance..+ + +  Regards Peter

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