Posted 01 Jan 2005

This site’s primary purpose is to educate on monetary science and theory.  Strong conflicts of interest exist so this area has been obfuscated, hidden and confounded.  For example, the current banking system is inherently unsound.  If one wants to learn the truth about money they must learn it on their own.  As a result, the basic laws of monetary science are largely unknown.

The current instability in the financial markets is predictable according to the laws of monetary science.  Like gravity, the current consequences, including all the violent wars, have been experienced throughout history.

Commodity money like gold are not mere commodities but essential checks and balances in political machinery.  The root cause of almost all current societal problems is unsound currency.  A sound monetary system promotes a sound, safe and productive society.

A good starting point for your monetary education includes:

Monetary Theory 101

Value Calculation

Exchange Rate v. Payment Risk

Counter-Party v. Performance Risk

The First Snowfall of Kondratieff Winter

US Dollar In Hyperinflation

Monetary Theory 102

Gold Privacy and Constitutional Rights

Gold Confiscation

Gold In Backwardation

Silver In Backwardation

The Problem with the GLD and SLV ETFs