Why I Helped GATA Accept Bitcoins - Economic Censorship and Free Speech

Posted 12 Jan 2013

[pullquote]Any rational person who continues to dispute the existence of the [gold] rig after exposure to the evidence is either in denial or is complicit. - Attorney Robert Landis[/pullquote]Economic censorship is increasingly being wielded against our freedom of speech and right to bear arms.

Nothing pisses me off more than screwing with those two fundamental human rights. But we do not have to just meekly take it; there is something we can do about it!

Being a strong supporter of the Second Amendent and long-standing ally of GATA I am personally interested in their ability to continue speaking; despite whatever petulant little (morally) Establishment goons have done physically assaulting Bill Murphy.

True, they did not come in guns drawn like with Kim Dotcom. And at least a federal court, perhaps as a backhanded insult, made the Federal Reserve write GATA a check!

On 18 Sep 2012 I wrote Why Bitcoin Acceptance Should Be A Litmus Test Of Liberty Proponents. Then WordPress started accepting bitcoin on 15 Nov 2012.

They get it. Less than two weeks later Anti-War that started accepting bitcoins. They get it. A month later LewRockwell.com started accepting bitcoin. They get it.

But Bitcoin can be an intimidating subject for those not so technically inclined. This is a reason I created the Free Bitcoin Guide and assisted GATA in accepting bitcoins. Like WordPress, Anti-War  and LewRockwell; GATA gets it. I want to protect our freedom of speech and am willing to actually do something about it.

[pullquote]Consequently, the Establishment is using politicized currency to engage in economic censorship of the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.[/pullquote]


The current monetary and payment systems are increasingly being used to engage in economic censorship of voices opposed to current immoral Establishment policies. This is because without free markets in currencies we will eventually lose free markets in everything else.

FIRST, was the retaliation in the form of a banking blockade against Wikileaks for leaking the Collateral Murder video showing the intentional targeting, killing and coverup of two Reuters journalists. Plus, now the US government is targeting and assassinating children for political speech.

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[pullquote]Decentralized digital currency, private decentralized social networking, crowdsourced news and customized weapons. Coincidence, right? Of course.[/pullquote]So I find it is reasonable for some to view the recent suspicious deaths of six particular citizens as politically motivated covert assassinations.

First, was Len Sassaman on 3 July 2011 who was as Jon Matonis eulogized, "a brilliant cryptographer and a true champion for privacy rights and privacy enhancing technologies". Bitcoin block 138725 on 30 July 2011 contains this transaction which decodes to this tribute to Len Sassaman:

len sassaman bitcoin tribute

Second and third, were popular political blogger 43 year old Andrew Breitbart on 1 March 2012 from a heart attack while jogging and then on 20 April 2012 'Michael Cormier, a respected forensic technician for the Los Angeles County Coroner died under suspicious circumstances at his North Hollywood home April 20, the same day Breitbart’s cause of death was finally made public.'

Fourth, Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy on 12 Nov 2012, strong privacy advocate and a Co-Founder of Diaspora which is a peer-to-peer encrypted social network with privacy built in by default. Think, Facebook but without being so useful to the CIA and FBI.

Fifth, was Reddit Co-Founder, Internet giant and freedom of speech advocate Aaron Swartz on 11 Jan 2013. Aaron was instrumental in protecting Internet freedom by getting SOPA and PIPA stopped through a massive viral campaign.

Sixth, the gun advocate and gun dealer owner Keith Ratliff on 8 Jan 2013 who was a YouTube star with about 3.5 million subscribers and over half a billion views and owner of FPS Industries which provides customized weaponry.

Decentralized censorship-resistant digital currency, private decentralized social networking, crowdsourced news and customized weapons. Coincidence, right? Of course; just like WTC 7.

If Obama wields what the New York Times calls the 'kill list' to target children then it is only reasonable to assume that the kill list will be wielded to silence change agents. That is what Bush and countless others have done throughout history.

Who is next, Matt Mullenweg of WordPress?

But perhaps 'our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.' At least Matt, Chris and Bill know when they go to sleep that they are waking up in the right side of history and future.

NEXT, Paypal, without any court orders or other legal process but instead of their own volition, has begun (1) targeting particular types of businesses from file sharing services to Internet Service Providers, (2) refusing to process their payments, (3) seizing their funds and (4) freezing their accounts. Of course, they blame it on the copyright and try to pass laws like SOPA and PIPA.

LASTLY, on 7 Jan 2012 Bank of America froze the accounts of American Spirit Arms, a federally licensed and legally compliant gun dealer because the bank believes they “should not be selling guns and gun parts on the Internet.

Consequently, the Establishment is wielding politicized currency to engage in economic censorship of the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Because of GATA's work the world has changed for the better and that speech needs to be protected and not economically censored.

[pullquote]Thus, the fight over gold and silver as media of exchange is about more than mere money, let alone making money. For it is a fight with only two possible outcomes: either control of their own lives by the people themselves, or control of the people and their lives by political and economic elitists. - Dr. Edwin Vieira[/pullquote]


Dr. Edwin Vieira, the renowned expert on American monetary jurisprudence and author of the penultimate book Pieces of Eight, gave a speech at GATA's 2005 conference about politicized currency.

Eight years ago he prognosticated how political currency would be used to further eviscerate checks and balances in the political machinery along with the threat politicized currency poses to our right to bear arms.

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But there was one thing Dr. Vieira did not prognosticate: Bitcoin - the world's first decentralized censorship-resistant digital crypto-currency. But freedom, particularly monetary freedom, is only going to be reclaimed if it bubbles up from the individual. So, if you want monetary freedom then follow GATA's example to come and claim it.

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[pullquote]This means that by accepting bitcoin donations GATA is staking out sovereign territory that will allow them to stand free and independent of any politicized currency or payment processors and are immunizing themselves against potential economic censorship.[/pullquote]


Gold is still a censorship-resistant currency of tremendous stature; think of all the stories of escaping Vietnam with a few taels, gold coins hidden from Nazi's or countless others over the millennia. Even in my own heritage are ancestors who sewed silver coins into the hems of their clothes to escape violent political and religious persecution with some savings.

And a great thing about gold is it can never become worthless because it is a tangible and corporeal asset. But that very benefit becomes a liability; does it get seized at customs in Mexico and how do you pay for web hosting services in Iceland where there is an extremely protective freedom of speech law written by a Wikileaks proponent?

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Or more importantly, as GATA has tirelessly trumpeted, this weakness of corporeality has allowed central banks to target and economically censor gold through legal tender laws, tax policy, the central bank gold price suppression scheme, invasion and occupation.

The currency wars are raging with increasing ferocity, the Germans getting only as much gold as the Federal Reserve says they can have, and as Hiroshima and Nagasaki demonstrated that innocent civilians, men, women and children, have been and will be targeted and vaporized by the State if they demand anything more.

There are many things that make Bitcoin amazing although it does have some weaknesses. Sure, even though bitcoins are tangible they are non-corporeal and, at worst, could become worthless. But if such a catastrophic bug or attack vector is discovered then it will be patched and if abused enough to destroy Bitcoin 1.0 then the weakness will be fixed and Bitcoin 2.0 will be released.

Keep in mind that in most cases the operating system versions are Windows 8 and Mac OS 10. Such software code is not built at once but is an evolutionary process and if you wait to adopt it when finished; well, you would never be reading this because it is never finished.

[pullquote]Just use Bitcoin, which is the currency on the Internet. - Rush Limbaugh[/pullquote]But perhaps one of Bitcoin's greatest monetary traits is its censorship-resistance. Bitcoin empowers users to send any amount of money to any other person instantly without a fee to anywhere in the world without any restrictions whatsoever.

Thus, gold and Bitcoin are not really competitors but tremendously complimentary monetary tools. And against all odds, like the ring-bearer Frodo, the nascent Bitcoin juggernaut is becoming more acceptable as a medium of exchange and settlement currency and is increasing in economic mass, store of wealth gravity and social momentum to return an economically censorship-resistant currency to individuals.

gata logo


The European Central Bank wrote a 55 page report on Bitcoin for a reason. Are you in favor of being able to easily integrate with a censorship-resistant currency so you can support the charities and businesses that are or may be politically or economically persecuted? Well, James Turk is a GATA advisor and Chairman of the Board at GoldMoney and since GoldMoney is considering integrating with Bitcoin and are asking for customer feedback in their 2013 Annual Survey now is a chance to let your voice be heard in favor of monetary freedom.

And in the meantime, with gold collapsing against bitcoin a wealth transfer is going on to holders of bitcoin and away from holders of gold and other assets. While this fight for freedom and liberty is not about merely making money I would still prefer to see the primary beneficiaries in this shift to censorship-resistant crypto-currency be people of good moral character.

Not only is it the right thing to do but there is a ton of money to be made running an underground railroad from fiat currencies and over-leveraged politicized banks to non-politicized decentralized digital censorship-resistant currency. Just think if those customers, who currently hold $2.2B of assets with GoldMoney, were able to instantly buy bitcoins.

A $2.2B market cap for bitcoin implies a price per bitcoin of about $200 or a gain of about 1,400% from current prices.

[pullquote]Because of GATA's work the world has changed for the better and that speech needs to be protected and not economically censored.[/pullquote]


This means that by accepting bitcoin donations GATA is staking out sovereign territory that will allow them to stand free and independent of any politicized currency or payment processors and are immunizing themselves against potential economic censorship.

Likewise, should the need arise they can pay with bitcoins for services like webhosting with Iceservers which is based in Iceland or the VPN Private Internet Access.

So, consider taking some time to explore the Free Bitcoin Guide, buy some bitcoins and send some bitcoin donations to GATA. To fund and continue with current lawsuits and to keep fighting for free currency markets we need to raise at least $15,000 (click here to check the current Bitcoin balance and click the little green box to see the USD amount). And consider letting GoldMoney know how you feel in their Annual Survey.


Plus, do you see the irony of the Federal Reserve writing GATA a check or in you sending GATA a donation in Federal Reserve Notes with a credit card? It is almost an insult.

It was not firehoses and vicious dogs in the streets but the bus boycotts that exerted the economic pressure to change the atrocious Civil Rights situation. What better way is there to screw the central banks than to boycott, to the extent possible, their fiat paper franchises and politically compromised payment systems? Previously there has not been an economically viable substitute. With Bitcoin there is. For the central banks gold is their Achilles heel and Bitcoin a kryptonite dagger.


These topics are extremely important to each and every one of us. Even if you are a low paid Internet shill, because we know you hate your job and want something more worthwhile to do than troll Bitcoin articles all day long.

So please leave some comments about how you feel and share this with your friends, family and favorite organizations like gun dealers, human or civil rights organizations, file sharing companies, open-source software proponents, freedom of speech advocates, doctors, etc. who may be targets of economic censorship. They need to know why they should accept bitcoins.

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This interview took place at the 4-5 AUG 2011 GATA conference in London. Since I make price predictions around 2:16 it is fun for historical context to recall the price of gold was $1,665 and the price of silver was $41.04. Once again, I was right.

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This interview took place on 9 October 2009 on Business News Network. For fun historical context the price of gold was around $1,050 and once again I was right.


(good part starts around 9:20)

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Bitcoin can easily be used with mobile devices with the Blockchain.info mobile apps and SMS wallet managers like Coinapult.

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