Pieces Of Eight By Edwin Vieira To Be Reprinted Because Of GoldMoney

Posted 30 Nov 2010

I know many of you were greatly disappointed after the Pieces Of Eight reprinting failed to garner enough support last year. The GoldMoney Foundation has stepped in to fund the printing of Dr. Vieira's seminal work and it should be available for deliver in January. I highly recommend getting a copy.

My check is already in the mail for multiple copies. We are grateful to Dr. Vieira for his tireless work as a Quixote of the world, GoldMoney for the funding and GoldMoney customer's for directing their capital away from starving vampire squids and towards a freedom centric organization.

While I have my own young padowans I teach and train in economic law and monetary jurisprudence; Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. is my intellectual mentor.  Dr Edwin Vieira Jr, Pieces of Eight author, is the premier expert in this topic.  

He holds four degrees from Harvard, has argued several cases before the United States Supreme Court and is a prolific author.  Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr's seminal work is the two volume series Pieces Of Eight.

Dr. Edwin Vieira's Pieces of Eight is a two volume, 1,700+ page, meticulously footnoted treatment of the monetary powers and disabilities of the United States Constitution.  I have never come across a scholarly work of comparable quality in any topic. This book is a must have for any serious person's library. The demand is evidenced by either being hundreds of dollars per volume at Amazon or being sold out (like it currently is).




Thanks to the generous support of James Turk and the GoldMoney Foundation, Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution is now in the process of being reprinted by R R Donnelley, one of the premier printers in the United States.

This is a special run of the 2002 revised edition of the two-volume, 1,700+ page study of American monetary law and history which has been out of print and virtually unavailable (except at scalpers’ prices) since 2006.

Those who have had an opportunity to peruse this book know that there is nothing equivalent on the market, and likely never will be again. And those who have not seen it will find it to be as comprehensive and complete a study of money and banking in the United States as could be desired by anyone who wants to inform himself as to how sound money and honest banking were subverted and then largely eliminated in this country, where this process of planned degeneration has led us, and what might be done to return America to her constitutional roots.

I expect that books will be ready for delivery by mid-January, 2011, and will be available only from me.

•The price per two-volume set, delivered by USPS media mail to any address within the continental United States, will be $149.95 plus $10.00 shipping and handling, for a total of $159.95.

•For orders shipped by media mail to an address within Virginia, add 5% sales tax ($7.50), for a total (including shipping and handling) of $167.45.

•For orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, outside of the United States, or within the continental United States by other than USPS media mail, arrangements can be made for delivery by FedEx, UPS, or other means, as the customer desires.

Please write “special shipping” on your order, and supply a telephone number and/or e-mail address, so that you can be supplied with the available options and their costs.

•To secure your pre-publication order, send a personal check or money order, dated no earlier than 2 January 2011, to:

Edwin Vieira, Jr.
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