Paul Volcker Censored

Posted 14 May 2008


 On May 14, 2008 Paul Volcker testified before Congress.  This was being covered by Bloomberg.  However, as Mr. Volcker starts telling the truth the focus was shifted to Betty Liu to talk about the stock market.  CNBC, CNN and C-SPAN did not cover Volcker’s testimony.

Volcker says the Federal Reserve is ‘put front and center’ and its independence may be called into question.

The answer is simple.  Abolish the Federal Reserve and obey the Constitution by using gold and silver as legal tender.  This may be accomplished by the States passing legal tender laws (Art 1 Section 10 Clause 1) and the Federal Government minting the coins (Art 1 Section 8 Clause 5) as intended originally by the Founding Fathers in order to prevent the type of very mess the US has found itself in.

All of the current and future misery would have been avoided had we followed the advice of the Founding Fathers.  They learned this lesson  from the history books and personally with the Continental Dollar.