Millions Of Buffalo Pies

Posted 29 Dec 2008

A long time ago a charming and respectable man appeared in a small village and announced he would buy buffalo or cow pies for $1 each.

The inhabitants, seeing that there were many buffalo and cow pies lying around, went about gathering them up. The man bought thousands at $1.  As the immediate supply began to diminish the villagers stopped their effort.

The man then announced he would pay $5 each.  This increased price drew out more supply as the villagers ventured further away from the village to collect buffalo and cow pies.  Predictably the supply diminished even further and buffalo and cow pies became even rarer.

The man then increased his offer to $10 per buffalo or cow pie.  The inhabitants started searching everywhere but could rarely find any buffalo or cow pies.  They had become extremely scarce!

The man had to go to a neighboring town to complete some business.  Nevertheless, he left an assistant in charge of acquiring more buffalo and cow pies along with an astounding offer of $40 each.  After the man left the assistant told the villagers, "Can you believe all the buffalo and cow pies in this man's giant collector bin?

 I will sell you all the buffalo and cow pies at a mere $25 each and then you can sell them to the man for $40 each when he returns."  The inhabitants rounded up all $700B of their savings in the CRAPs fund and purchased all the buffalo and cow pies.

 Then the assistant skipped town and neither he nor the man have been seen since.  No one sincerely wants to know how many buffalo and cow pies everyone else owns.  Ignorance is bliss and denial is fun.