La Estancia De Cafayate The Great Life Hedge In Salta Argentina

Posted 08 Apr 2011

[pullquote]View interview Part 2 to learn about our special deal to help you with legal services when taking title, etc.[/pullquote]La Estancia De Cafayate is a unique life hedge, even a modern day Galt's Gulch, located in Salta, Argentina.

This is the dream project of 'The International Man' Doug Casey who partnered with Former Salta Governor and current Argentine Senator Juan Carlos Romero. If you are considering a life hedge, given the quality of people this development is attracting, the uncertainty in the world and the potential for significant major disruptions to daily life then I think this special phyle deserves consideration.

[pullquote]When the time for performance has come the time for preparation has passed.[/pullquote]WHAT IS A LIFE HEDGE?

In Chapter 6 of The Great Credit Contraction I discuss the importance of the Five Flag Theory and a life hedge is an essential competent of this concept. A life hedge is a backup location where you can relocate yourself to maintain the lifestyle you have designed.

Implementing provident living principles requires one to put in place a contingency plan for their personal location.

When one is unprepared for and effected by those events which are possible, although not probable, then one's lifestyle gets designed for them and in many cases they do not like it. Just ask the cold, starving masses in Japan, Haiti, Chile, Thailand, etc. who failed to adequately hedge against natural disasters. A life hedge is a form of insurance for yourself and your family against the flock of black swans.

 While charity is nice I guarantee you that no one cares more about whether you are fed and comfortable than you do. With the current system unraveling it is important to prepare for survivalism in the suburbs as the veneer of order is extremely thin.

For example, if you had to take the last plane out of your city then (1) where would you go and (2) how would you maintain your standard of living?

In the Information Age the ability to have a 'location independent' lifestyle has becoming increasingly available to more people. By designing your lifestyle to be location independent and having multiple locations you frequent then you will be able to have continuity of lifestyle despite the tumultuous and unpredictable events, from natural disasters to political unrest from supply chain disruptions to currency collapse, that can and will occur during this transition from the Industrial to the Information Age.

When considering a life hedge there are a few elements to consider such as plentiful water, good sun exposure for gardening or photovoltaics, not on a flood plain, panoramic views, minimal noxious weeds, away from potential real estate developers, low housing costs, access to and ability to produce food, low population density, compatible neighbors, and many more.

Doug Casey has been preaching the end of the world for 30 years and with La Estancia being his pet project and personal life hedge he has made sure that La Estancia De Cafayate is an excellent well-rounded choice when it comes to its survival characteristics.




[pullquote]Who is John Galt?[/pullquote]LA ESTANCIA DE CAFAYTE

Even if you never use La Estancia De Cafayate for its retreat value it will still add considerable utility via the golf, polo, wine and networking opportunities. At every event I have attended I have learned a tremendous amount from the others there. With so many successful, creative and productive people with a similar philosophical and practical outlook the environment is ripe for business opportunities.

Since one has to be somewhere why not be around other successful, creative and productive people with whom you can plan and plot great business ideas and opportunities to accomplish?

The first time I visited La Estancia De Cafayate was in 2008. At the time I thought the probability of success was about 15%. Doug's idea was rather crazy; raise a first class country club from the desert sand in the middle of nowhere and a thousand miles from the closest large city.

But after three years I would say the probability of success is now 100% because enough lots have been sold that the development has no debt and enough cash in the bank to finish all major projects. Additionally, this is the crown jewel of Salta and its success or failure reflects tremendously on Mr. Romero's reputation. The clubhouse, many vineyards, roads, polo field and utilities are finished. The Health Club and Spa are under construction along with the incoming Grace Hotel and a regular flight from Salta to Cafayate.

So much of the initial risk with the development is gone. World conditions have continued to deteriorate which increases the attractiveness of this type of life hedge. Information technology makes it easier than ever to be in the middle of nowhere yet in the thick of it all when it comes to business or trading. The lots are selling at a quicker pace.

I think the probability of it selling out and becoming a very exclusive community which high powered individuals frequent on a regular basis has greatly increased which adds additional utility for those who may be seeking the opportunity for networking for business opportunities, etc. Plus, how does one put a value on having cool like-minded neighbors?


The fractional reserve banking and fiat currency conspiracy system failed in 2008.

Only inertia coupled with quantitative easing is keeping the system from unraveling faster. But the effects of massive inflation are well known to result in shortages and rationing. World political and monetary authorities can print little colored coupons but that creates neither wealth nor food. Why are gold, silver, oil, and food rising so quickly?

The Federal Reserve's insane monetary policies sustaining the unsustainable are going to cause tremendous problems. Food is going to become a lot more expensive and this will continue to feed political instability. The chaotic fingers of instability are getting even more unpredictable.

The financial crisis will lead to economic, social, political and geo-political crises of increasing intensity. The FRN$, the world reserve currency, will be the last layer to evaporate in the great credit contraction. So far the United States has largely been insulated from the effects of the financial crisis on daily life.

But when the FRN$ currency crisis comes, hyperinflation being a form of deflation, the United States will be ground zero. Then things will get dicey real quick. You may want to know how to vanish.

Are you going to watch this mess on the Internet or out your front porch? La Estancia De Cafayate is well positioned should the more dire forecasts about Peak Oil or this worldwide financial crisis come to fruition.

Even if the end of world does not happen it will still be a fun place to spend time and have a great batch of people to spend it with. After all, it is not so much where you go but who you go with.


How many more wake up calls does one need before they take action and secure a life hedge? Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Haiti, Japan, the FRN$ and so many others. When the time for performance has come the time for preparation has passed. I think La Estancia De Cafayate deserves serious consideration if you are looking for a life hedge and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you in that regard so feel free to contact us. For example, Bill Rounds is fluent in Spanish and can help with any legal documents.