GoldMoney Releases German Website

Posted 24 Nov 2009

I am always amazed by the diversity of readership and Germany is my fifth largest audience behind the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.  I do wonder how the tens of thousands of Germans understand my site but Google Translate works wonders.

 That is how I understood the front-page MMNews article Die Grosse Kredit-Kontraktion about my liquidity pyramid.  The Germans love their gold and GoldMoney is catering to this market.



Chief Chicken Little, Chris Powell of GATA, said in the video, "I think GoldMoney is probably the most revolutionary thing going on today.  It is a very convenient remonetization of gold and silver [and platinum].  It is putting gold and silver back to work for ordinary people in a very convenient way as a form of savings and as a form of payment.  I am a very satisfied GoldMoney customer of many years."

I have not found a more efficient way to buy physical platinum and with the increased monetization of platinum I think there is more upside profit potential for platinum than either gold or silver.  It is up $320 per ounce in the four months since I recommended buying it.

For example, if anyone wants to purchase The Great Credit Contraction and settle the transaction via GoldMoney then I will offer a discount (0.74 gold grams, 1.5 silver ounces or 0.6 platinum grams).  The last time I offered taking payment in platinum I had people from Sweden, the US and other countries take me up on it.  So, just contact me to make arrangements.


Due to the tremendous inquiries seeking advice I wrote an in-depth page on how to buy gold, silver or platinum.  In essence, besides getting a coin or bar in your hand the only third-party arrangement I can recommend is GoldMoney.  

But I think the service is fairly expensive for IRA or 401k funds and I would not use them for that purpose.  Nevertheless, I think the service is equally useful to the person buying a few hundred grams of gold to those buying millions of dollars worth and everyone should have a functioning account.



Ability to Demand Delivery of Gold. According to the User Agreement under VIII. Storage “E. A User may, by providing GoldMoney with delivery instructions, which instructions must be in the form prescribed from time to time by GoldMoney and the Vault, at any time request GoldMoney to change the goldgrams and silver ounces in his Holding into grams of gold or ounces of silver that are available for physical delivery to the User, provided that there are sufficient goldgrams and silver ounces to take delivery of a London Good Delivery bar of gold, which bar weighs approximately twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) grams, or bar of silver, which bar weighs approximately one thousand (1,000) ounces.

GoldMoney will not charge a fee for its service, but fees may be charged by the Vault for acting on the delivery instructions.”


Physical delivery at any time is the standard from a party you can trust.  This is particularly important considering the shady dealings of some in the industry.

For example, I recommend staying away from unnecessarily complex instruments even if issued through perceived reputable firms.  For example, in June 2007  Morgan Stanley & Co. (also involved with the problematic GLD ETF - part I; part II) settled a class action lawsuit for $4.4 million where the complaint alleged

that Morgan Stanley told clients it was selling them precious metals that they would own in full and that the company would store.  But Morgan Stanley either made no investment specifically on behalf of those clients, or it made entirely different investments of lesser value and security.


Several investment professionals have reviewed and recommend GoldMoney including billionaire Eric Sprott, John Embry, Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney, Jim Willie, Ed Steer, and many others.


You can reduce risk by keeping your cash balances in the precious metals. This reduces the demand for fiat currencies and like pinching an esophagus it eviscerates the lung's source of oxygen.  The remonetization of precious metals with 100% reserves is a revolutionary way to starve the vampire squids of one of their prime sources of food!

GoldMoney accounts are free to open and you will even get 6 months of storage fees waived (you should get an email shortly after signing up)  So why not?

I would love to hear the opinion of other GoldMoney customers.  Please comment!