Gold For Bread

Posted 17 Feb 2009

As the great credit contraction grinds on those who make and eat breakfast will shift.

 A significant problem with fiat currency is that the creation of new money benefits those who do not add value to society.  In contrast, a commodity currency must be a tangible asset and therefore must take work to produce.  Fiat currency encourages the unsustainable while a commodity currency forces sustainability.

Zimbabwe is a very resource rich country.  Their current financial problems have resulted in widespread anger towards the tyrant Mugabe.  Inflation leads to shortages, shortages lead to rationing and rationing leads to starvation.

 I highly recommend viewing this short video by the Guardian about gold being exchanged for bread in Zimbabwe.

While the future is not etched in gold the video serves as a stark current example of what can happen as a result of legal tender laws and not properly dealing with politicians.