Glenn Beck Discusses Hyperinflation

Posted 14 Oct 2008


Glenn Beck discusses hyperinflation on October 13, 2008.  The general conversation seems to be percolating among these ideas.  Months ago I made the case that the US$ is in Hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation is not the end of the world and certain parties actually benefit.  It is a fairly common occurrence throughout the world.  If you are properly prepared then it will be much less damaging. 

Those primarily hurt will be the savers in fiat currency and those who rely on government promises such as Social Security.  The effects on the general population can also be devastating.  The critical question is posed:  Repression or Regeneration.

Here are a couple books I suggest on the topic of hyperinflation.  Culture and Inflation in Weimar Germany is more philosophical and political.  The Hyperinflation Survival Guide is an understandable and practical survival guide for businesses in hyper-inflationary environments.

Under 31 U.S.C 5,101-5,118 gold clauses are valid in contract.  You may consider availing yourself of such a hedge with renters, suppliers, etc.  GoldMoney provides an extremely easy way to transact in gold in ordinary daily transactions.  Holdings are free to open.

For example, if you have a tenant who rents a piece of real estate for $1,000 per month you could offer to accept $950 per month if paid 10 days early in gold via GoldMoney.  This is a simple step you can take today to adapt to the changing environment.

During a deflationary Kondratieff Winter the last layer to evaporate is the fiat currency through hyperinflation.  We may still be years away from a Weimar Germany type event and hyperinflation rates.  Nevertheless, it is wise to protect yourself early as the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.  Remember the first rule of panic?  Do it first!