Get The Skinny On Silver Investing

Posted 06 Jun 2009

This is a foundation for the new post Silver Slips Out Of Backwardation.

I remember an offhand remark someone made about 'If you think the gold bugs are crazy just wait until you meet a silver bug.'  Well, a few months ago at an investment conference I met David Morgan of  I found him to be another right thinking person.

We talked for a while, became friends and occasionally collaborate.  He gave me a signed copy of his book Get The Skinny On Silver Investing.  At only 120 pages it was a fairly quick read.

It lays a very good and objective groundwork of silver history, the silver industry, silver's use as money, silver leasing, potential market manipulation along with suggestions on the different ways to invest in silver.

Occasionally I receive a question from a reader about where and how to buy silver.  More often than not the question could be answered by reading Get The Skinny On Silver Investing.  Therefore, for anyone thinking of investing in the silver market I highly recommend getting a copy so you can quickly assess the terrain.

Order a digital copy for $10.

Order a physical copy from Amazon.