Election Fervor

Posted 03 Nov 2008


Not that it matters but you Americans be sure to vote tomorrow.  If elections made a difference then they would be illegal.  After all, they are merely advanced auctions on stolen goods used to perpetuate war which is the health of the State.  So, vote your conscience.

As the above chart shows President Elect Barack Obama won the race in February.  The chart is not based on polling data or other unreliable sources.  The chart is based on a contract that is settled in dollars.  In effect, the chart represents the opinion on the question ‘who are you willing to bet money to win’ and not ‘who do you want to win’ or some other useless question.

At the end of the day where an individual allocates their capital reveals their true beliefs and opinions.  Markets are efficient predictors.  Under an Obama administration the markets in America will become less efficient because of increased government regulation. 

As a result, a lot of the capital, both human and economic, has been fleeing America in anticipation of an Obama administration.  This has significantly contributed to the financial crisis that is now in full swing and it will only intensify.

Whether one agrees with Paulson’s actions or not he has done a miraculous job in keeping the system together until the election.  The Obama administration will have a difficult time finding a replacement of similar competency.  Joe Biden has guaranteed there will be a generated international crisis to test Obama.  Beware of the boogeyman.


Over a year ago I was having dinner with a Swiss banker.  He said they were no longer taking US citizens as clients.  I asked, ‘But what about all the capital Americans have?’  He replied rather flippantly, ‘Who needs the US?  We have India and China.’  How bad does a country have to be for the Swiss to reject their money?

Apparently the world is quarantining America.  Peer Steinbrueck, the German Finance Minister in a speech to the German parliament on Sept. 25 said, "Wall Street and the world will never again be the way they were before the crisis’ and that the world financial system will consequently become more "multi-polar."

Be sure you, your family and your assets are safely away from the Empire as the collapse accelerates.  The rogue elephant on the world stage will cause tremendous damage when she is truly panicked.  For safety and peace the world may need to combine their efforts and put her down. 

The British Empire ended when the world refused to buy bonds because of British intervention in the Suez Canal.  Likewise the American unipolar dominance will probably end with a whimper and not a bang.  Empires always end for financial reasons.