Causing Political Pain

Posted 25 Oct 2008


Politicians function fairly simply.  They are ruled by their ambition and are therefore fairly predictable.  They are either in office or not.  Figuratively, they exist in only two states being either alive or dead.

When a politician is alive they have two different stimuli: political pleasure and political pain.  Political pleasure can manifest itself in a myriad of ways such as campaign donations, volunteers, yard signs, bumper stickers, good press, positive letters or emails, etc. 

Political pain is also manifested in a myriad of ways such as bad press, negative letters, emails or phone calls requesting written responses to a registered voter within their voting area, lack of volunteers, slumping campaign donations, having to spend money campaigning, etc.

In some cases this political pain is turned into physical violence.  A prime example was the la Grande Terreur where the political elite like Marie-Antoinette said ‘let them [voters] eat cake’ and implemented broad dictatorial powers. 

This prompted the Thermidorian Reaction where the National razor or guillotine was used on Marie-Antoinette and many other leaders during the Reign of Terror which effected a political purge through mass executions of about 20,000-40,000 individuals.  Such violent events tend to get the point across to politicians.

A fearful politician advances a political agenda.  Politicians will not respect an individual, constituency or agenda unless they are fearful.  Politicians will not be fearful unless political pain can be inflicted.  Therefore, to advance a political agenda one must be able to cause politicians political pain.  There must be a price for bad political behavior.

A very small percentage of eligible voters are needed to effect change.  For example, we will assume there are 100 total people in a voting area.  Usually only 60 people can vote as some are not residents, may be children or felons, etc.  Usually about 40 people are registered to vote and only 24 actually vote. 

In the United States about 8 people vote Democrat and 8 people vote Republican with 2 voting third party.  This leaves about 6 out of 100 people to swing the vote.  Elections tend to swing on whoever gets the 51% of that 6% area that is ‘in play.’  Therefore, a small group of dedicated, skilled and loyal activists focused on that small group of about 4% of eligible voters can make significant changes in elections.

Many incumbent politicians have no challenger.  Simply running against an incumbent politician causes political pain.  An uncontested seat is always easier and cheaper to win than a contested seat.

The best time to attack an incumbent is in the primary election.  This is because the electorate is extremely small and the voter-turnout is usually anemic and sometimes around 7%. Your only intent in running can be to cause political pain and you will still be successful even if you lose.

Inflict as much pain as possible during the election season and let it be known that you will return the next year.  The name of the political game is political pain and the more you can cause the more feared and respected you will be which will increase your ability to further your political agenda.  There is a way to peacefully further a political agenda and hopefully the gruesome and barbaric days of the Reign of Terror are over.

An example of the peaceful political pain inflicter is B.J. Lawson.  I first met B.J. about a year ago in the Bahamas.  He is an accomplished neurosurgeon and entrepreneur.  He has pledged that ‘As your Congressman, I will support the Honest Money Act (HR 2756) and Free Competition in Currency Act (HR 4683).  These Acts are of great interest to those who desire a return to a sound monetary system.  Thus, B.J. has decided to inflict some political pain.

First, he ran in the Republican primary for the Congressional seat of the NC 4th District.  He demolished his neo-conservative opponent.  Now he is in a heated race with a 20 year incumbent Democrat.  B.J. has raised over $500,000 and is wailing without mercy on his opponent.  He is causing some massive political pain.

His opponent voted for the bailout and many other UnConstitutional measures so B.J. has been whacking away.  B.J.’s opponent, like a frightened cornered animal getting beat with a stick, is frantically lashing out by resorting to ad hominmen and unsubstantiated attacks.  B.J. is causing political pain therefore B.J. is feared.

I have already sent B.J. $50 because I would like to see his opponent put in the political guillotine as a penalty for his political sins against the Constitution.  Hearing these reports of the political pain B.J. has inflicted is well worth the $50 whether or not B.J. wins.  But B.J. can win this election and inflict the political death penalty on his opponent. 

If you feel so inclined to inflict some political pain then please send B.J. a donation so he can continue inflicting pain and hopefully the political death sentence on his opponent.

Chop, Chop.