The Bernank Says To Ron Paul That Gold Is Not Money

Posted 13 Jul 2011

This has to be one of the most ironic and ignorant statement I have heard come out of Washington. The tail risk is with people like Bernanke running the Federal Reserve, Trichet running the ECB, the eurocrats trying to run the rating agencies and politicians trying to design everyone else's lifestyle.


It appears that despite a fairly short consolidation that the next gold upleg has started. The gold 50dma is $1,522.03 and the 200dma is $1,423.69. The silver 50dma is $36.06 and the 200dma is $32.24.

During this upleg that will likely last until November before a correction or consolidation may see gold run to $1,800 and silver to the $55-60 range.

 It will be important to see the activity over the next week or so to determine whether the strength will stay. If the monetary metals pull back slightly and continue their usual summer consolidation then it will help the 200dma continue to rise which will lay a stronger base for the autumn and winter rally.