The Great Credit Contraction Is Available

Posted 27 Mar 2009

I started RunToGold because friends and family suggested I start a website and I got tired of explaining the issues to them.  Daily thousands of people consume information from the site or podcast.  There are costs associated with running the website.  Additionally, I would like to take the site to the next level, making it easier to read, search, and use but that will require some serious professional expertise.


There are many ways for blogs and other new media platforms to be monetized.

One way is to introduce intrusive, annoying and distracting advertisements.  I loathe websites monetized this way.

Another way is to pay a subscription fee like the Wall Street Journal's $1.99/week.

Still another way is to purchase products.  These can range from physical t-shirts to digital ebooks, mp3s or videos.  A few months ago I asked if there was any demand for a 45-50 page foundational document for much of the theory which undergirds my writings.  I received several responses from loyal readers including:

"I was able to make it out to the Cambridge House Conference on Sunday and will say that your individual presentation was by far the highlight of the day ... I know I would love to be notified should you ever get around to doing something of the sort.  I agree with you on the fact that finding out about the details on topics such as debt-based currency, money creation etc. is quite the process as it involves a great deal of site-surfing and picking up snippets of information here and there." - Derrick

"Great presentation at the Cambridge House Gold Show.  You were one of the best speakers.  Could you make that Summary Report available?" - Carl

"Would love to read a foundational document if you have the time/energy/desire to create one.  Great work on this blog.  Thank you!" - Adam


"I really enjoyed your presentation at the Cambridge House Investment Conference.  Thank you for staying around as long as you did for the Q&A period.  It really helped me to cement the ideas.  I thought your presentation was definitely the highlight of the conference.

 The foundational document you speak of would be extremely useful and would be much appreciated.  Thank you." - James

After a couple hundred hours and thousands of dollars for a sharp editor and highly skilled designer The Great Credit Contraction is now available for sale.  If sales justify the expenses then additional products will likely be released.  Please support your trusted friendly neighborhood blogger by purchasing a copy and help take RunToGold to the next level.