Earth Class Mail the Ultimate PO Box and Mail Fowarding service

Posted 20 Jun 2008

I have now been using Earth Class Mail for about 6 months.  I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend this business and personal necessity for many reasons.

Perhaps the best benefit is increased privacy.  Then the time savings and convenience.  Next is being able to have a street address in Oregon which assesses no sales tax.  For example, if you order a laptop you will pay about $300 in sales tax.

 Shipped to Oregon you pay nothing!  Plus the packages are always delivered so no more waiting around for the Fedex or UPS man.  The packages are shipped from Earth Class Mail via Fedex and easily tracked.

There are some minor downsides.  The cost of about $20 per month (which can be re-cooped).  Their website is rather slow and clunky.  I am excited about the possibility of overseas addresses such as Switzerland and wish they were operational now.  The electronic check deposit is fairly expensive ($1.60 per check and an expensive Wells Fargo bank account is needed).



















Video of Earth Class Mail